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Professional editing and translation of museum documents and academic texts

Professional editing and translation of museum documents and academic texts

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Consultation and cooperation from the planning phase to completion. A professional at your side and a pool of experts on hand in your specific field. What more could you ask for?



Ore Rotundo entrusts your text to professionals in the academic world who have a thorough knowledge of your field of expertise and have published in international academic journals..


Your Ore Rotundo coordinator ensures that the service you receive is of the highest quality. We are profoundly confident in the ability of our experienced experts to deliver your documents, in the language required, to the highest level of quality with respect to editing, syntax and semantics.


Ore Rotundo is at your complete disposal as soon as your project commences and provides specific custom support based on the experience of its staff, both in the museum environment and in project management.



Ore Rotundo offers editing and translation services for texts used in museum exhibitions and in academic publications in the fields of the Arts, History and Archaeology.


Ore Rotundo entrusts the editing and translation of literary and academic texts to professionals in the specific field under consideration. Professionals, who have proved their knowledge, experience and ability by publishing in international journals.


Ore Rotundo checks the quality of editing and translation using a process in which texts are re-read and checked by peer-reviewers with similar educational and language backgrounds to the original translator. This high level checking of material allows for a scientifically accurate result in which one can have absolute confidence.
Ore Rotundo carries out effectively a quality assurance system and a continuous improvement process, between its staff and the customer.

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